+ Where are you located?

15105 S. Cicero Ave, Oak Forest, IL 60452

+ What are your hours?

We are open from 2-10 PM seven days a week. On occasion during the slower season, we may close the shop up to one hour early. Feel free to call us at 708-687-7633 to check availability.

+ Do I need an appointment?

Appointments are always preferred, and for certain projects they are required. We do accept walk in clients on a first come, first serve basis, with appointments always honored first. Tattoo appointments can only be scheduled in person after a consultation with an artist. Piercing appointments can be scheduled online here. Click on the Tattoo or Piercing sections for more specific information.

+ Should I tip my artist or piercer?

Tips are not mandatory, but they are a great way to thank your artist or piercer for doing a great job. Tips of any amount are always appreciated, and it can make things a little awkward to ask what we think a good tip amount is.

+ Do you offer gift cards?

We do! They are reloadable and can have any amount you’d like.

+ Can I get a tattoo or piercing if I’m not feeling well?

If you’re not feeling so hot, take your time to rest! It’s not a great idea to get work done while you’re under the weather, as your body is already fighting something off. If you have an appointment scheduled, let us know ASAP so we can reschedule you and you don’t lose your deposit.

+ Do I need my ID?

Per state law and studio policy, please bring a valid passport, state ID, or driver’s license. This cannot be expired. We will accept paper, temporary licenses if they are not expired. A picture of the ID is not acceptable, nor is a school ID. It is illegal to photocopy a military ID, so we cannot accept this as valid identification. Please see the Piercing FAQ section for more information on ID for those under 18.

+ Can I have my child with me while I’m getting work done?

We understand that tattoo and piercing studios are not the dark, scary places that they once were. And we’re proud of that! However, this is still very much an adult environment, and people are doing permanent work that needs focus and involves contact with blood and bodily fluids. For this reason, we ask that you do not bring anyone under 18 with you to your session. It is very easy to distract other clients and artists if a child is acting up or running around, and while we’re sure that your kiddo is a delight, we cannot make exceptions. While we offer piercings on people under 18, this is by appointment only.

+ Can I FaceTime or video chat while I’m getting work done?

We understand your excitement and wanting to show the world your new adornment! But for everyone’s safety, we need to have your full attention during your session, and we ask that you end all phone calls or video chats before your session. Additionally, we do not allow video recording of procedures.