Lynn Loheide


After receiving her first body piercing, her nostril, at age 14, Lynn was instantly hooked to the art of body piercing. Upon graduating high school, Lynn started working at her first studio before continuing on to work at two well-known and respected shops in the Philadelphia area for several years. There she began learning the basics of the trade as a studio manager before honing her skills as an apprentice and later, a professional body piercer. With a fierce passion for her craft, Lynn moved to South Florida in 2015 to train under Joe Amato and continue her education. Now, she focuses on providing only the best service to her clients and helping them see the beauty in piercing. In 2017 Lynn, motivated to continue her education and keep offering her clients the best service possible went back to school through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to get her Applied Jewelers Professional Degree, and later her Graduate Diamonds Degree. With her added education about gemstones, gold, and fine jewelry she is now even more equipped to help clients find the jewelry and designs perfect for them. She is a jewelry specialist. For any one of a kind pieces, jewelry styling, or curated ears, she’s your girl! Lynn, with a passion for gems and sparkle specializes in Curated Projects (including long term projects, custom jewelry design, one of a kind pieces, and large gauge initial piercings). She is also a full service piercer who offers all Male and Female Genital Piercings.

Lynn will be working at Native Rituals September 8th-15th! Book with her here and follow her on Instagram (@lynnloheide) and check out her website at