professional piercing

We take great pride in our piercing services at Native Rituals and work hard to make sure we give every client the best experience possible, because you deserve it!


Why native rituals?

There are so many studios that offer body piercing nowadays, and it can be hard to choose where to go!! Our piercing team is dedicated to the craft and is not treated as an afterthought to tattooing, but as an equally important feature of the studio. All of our piercers are members of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and have attended several industry conferences to keep their knowledge up to date, as well as shadowed or worked with distinguished piercers in the industry to learn new techniques. Everything is sterilized immediately prior to use, meaning we cut down on waste by not needing to store items in pouches, and don’t run the risk of anything becoming contaminated during storage. We use paperless release forms to minimize waste, and every client gets a copy of their form emailed right to them immediately after submitting. In fall of 2018, we changed our protocols in order to be an entirely single use studio, so even tools such as receiving tubes, tapers, or hemostats are disposed of or given to our clients after use instead of reused, all but eliminating risk of human error or cross contamination during reprocessing (needles and sharps have ALWAYS been single use, and will remain that way). We have an enormous selection of the highest quality body jewelry available, including Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Intrinsic Body, NeoMetal, BVLA, Body Gems, Alchemy Adornment, Other Couture, Gorilla Glass, Sacred Symbols, Maria Tash, Regalia Jewelry, Tether Jewelry, and more. This means we have something for everyone, and have the resources to put together custom orders for your dream jewelry! We stock NeilMed saline for aftercare, which is as safe as it gets with no added ingredients or preservatives, and is sterile, so even after leaving the studio, your piercings are still getting the best care. We accept both walk ins and appointments for piercing, which can be booked conveniently online or via phone call!


Prices for piercing services are comprised of 3 parts: the piercing fee, jewelry, and sales tax. Our prices are broken down this way because we stock such a wide variety of jewelry that averaging out the prices would set them higher than necessary. The piercing fee covers our time and overhead costs such as running the sterilizer, gloves, tools, prep materials, etc and is not taxed. Jewelry ranges in price, and is taxed. (Additional costs such as aftercare or downsizes are not covered in the initial piercing price, as these are based on each client’s need or want).
Earlobes 10g and smaller- $35 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $30 per piece. Total after tax: $68 each or $136 per pair
Earlobes 8g and larger- $40 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $18 per piece. Total after tax: $59.80 each or $119.60 per pair
Septums, daiths- $40 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $15 per piece. Total after tax: $56.50 each
Nostrils, lips, helixes, conches, traguses, forward helixes, bridges, nipples, tongues- $40 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $30 per piece. Total after tax: $73 each or $146 per pair
Navels, eyebrows, inverse vertical labrets, vertical labrets, rooks- $40 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $35 per piece. Total after tax: $78.50 each
Industrials- $50 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $30 per piece. Total after tax: $83 each
Surface bars- $40 piercing fee each, jewelry starts at $55 per piece. Total after tax: $105.5 each
Genitals- $60 piercing fee each, jewelry varies based on piercing being done. Total after tax: $100-120 each to start.

Please email or call us if you have questions on pricing a specific set up or piercing that may not be listed here!



age rules and requirements

In the state of Illinois, it is illegal for a piercer to perform a piercing on anyone under the age of 18 without a parent or legal guardian present. It is illegal for us to pierce anyone without valid photo ID. If you’re 18 or older, you must bring a valid state or government issued photo ID like a passport, drivers license, etc that is not expired. Please note, per Illinois and US law, we cannot accept FOID cards, military ID, library cards, or school or work IDs, or photos of IDs.

For those under age 18:
We do not offer oral, genital, industrial, nipple, or surface piercings on clients under age 18. There are no exceptions.
For those ages 16-17, we offer septum, nostril, eyebrow, navel, and most ear piercings.
For those ages 14-15, we only offer earlobe and single outer cartilage (helix) piercings.
For those ages 6-13, we only offer earlobe piercings. We do not perform piercings on infants or clients 5 and younger.

Clients under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with appropriate ID, and that parent must be in the room with the minor during the piercing. If both the client and their parent have the same last name and address on government IDs, we do not need any further documentation. If the last name or address doesn’t match, only one matches, or the minor does not have a government ID and is using a photo ID like a school or work ID, additional documentation is required to establish the relationship of the minor to the person giving consent. This can be done using a birth certificate, divorce decree, vaccination record, or any legal form that clearly indicates that the consenting adult is the parent of the minor. If the person giving consent is not the parent of the minor, legal documentation must be provided that proves that this person has the legal right to consent on their behalf. This is for everyone’s protection! If you aren’t sure whether the ID or document you have meets the requirements, please give us a call!

Clients age 13 and under need only to be accompanied by a parent with a valid photo ID as described above, as well as a birth certificate. If the client has a photo ID as well, that is ideal, but not required.

Clients under the age of 10 must have a consultation with a piercer at least the day before getting pierced. There are no exceptions. This gives the child and their parent the time to get to know the piercer, and the piercer can go over procedure, aftercare, and expectations the day of piercing and afterward, and to gauge how nervous the child is and if they may need more time before the piercing. Consultations can be booked via phone or online! We have found that this also leads to fewer clients backing out or changing their mind the day they get pierced. We do not permit parents to hold their kids down, guilt trip them into getting pierced or otherwise force or pressure their child into getting pierced if they change their mind. If, the day of the appointment, the piercer decides that the child is too nervous and unable to calm down, they may decline to pierce the child that day. Forcing a child to get pierced who doesn’t want to get pierced is traumatic and stressful for the child as well as the piercer, and makes the piercer’s job more difficult and dangerous than it needs to be. Please be honest with your child about the possibility that they may not get pierced, and plan ahead for special days like birthdays.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that you may have!