+ Does it hurt?

Just a bit! Piercings don’t feel great, but they’re over quickly. If it was as awful as you expect it to be, they would not be nearly as common as they are! You can do it!

+ Do I need an appointment?

We strongly encourage scheduling an appointment for piercings, and some services, like tandem nipple piercings, piercings for minors, jewelry curating, groups, and multiple projects, require an appointment. To schedule, please click here. There are no deposits for piercing appointments.

+ Something came up and I must cancel/reschedule!

Though we don’t take deposits, please still call and let us know if you’re running late or must change or cancel your appointment. We are often booked completely solid and having this heads up allows us to still see everyone promptly. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, you will be treated as a walk in and may have to wait. If you booked online, you also have the ability to cancel or reschedule your appointment directly from your email.

+ How much will it cost?

We carry several different styles and combinations of jewelry that can be used in piercing, ranging from simple Titanium rings, to glass plugs, to solid gold with genuine diamonds. For this reason, our piercing prices are broken into a piercing fee, as well as the jewelry. We have thousands of options for jewelry, so listing each one online would be virtually impossible. If you have a question about a specific piece, please stop by the studio, call the studio, or send an email our way. Prices for piercing fees are as follows (this does not include the jewelry price):
Earlobe (10g or smaller): $35 each + jewelry
Earlobe (10g or larger): $40 each + jewelry
Industrial: $50 each + jewelry
Genitals: $60 each + jewelry
Everything else: $40 each + jewelry

+ Can I bring my own jewelry?

Generally, no. We are members of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers) and must only use jewelry that meets the minimum standard. Unfortunately, not all jewelry meets this standard, and honestly, it’s not good to get pierced with that jewelry anyway. Plus, we can make sure that everything is sized appropriately. Additionally, we have no way of verifying whether the jewelry you bring in has been worn before by another person.

+Do you offer custom jewelry orders?

Yes! Keeping every possible color combination of every single piece of jewelry in stock would not only be extremely expensive, it would be overwhelming. Please contact Ali directly to discuss any jewelry that you are interested in!

+Will you use rings in fresh piercings?

This is possible, but ultimately is at your piercer’s discretion. Some piercings require a stud from the start, and others can be healed with rings, though there can be complications.

+Can you numb the area?

Nope! We are not in any way trained to use any kind of anesthetic, and a well-done piercing is no more painful than the injection would be anyway.

+Do you use ear piercing guns?

We do not, and we strongly encourage you to avoid any place that does. Piercing guns cannot be sterilized between clients and do far more trauma to the area than a properly done piercing with a needle. Plus, the jewelry is often low quality and can complicate the healing process.

+How old do I have to be to get a piercing?

Anyone 18 and older can get pierced if they have a valid ID. For minor restrictions, please scroll down to read the Minors section.

+How do I take care of my piercing?

Believe it or not, less is more when taking care of a new piercing. Your immune system is a powerful tool, so the best thing you can do is allow your body to do what it does best. This means staying rested, hydrated, and generally healthy. Keep up with your normal hygiene, and make sure to rinse your piercing carefully in the shower with warm water. You may also use sterile saline wound wash (we carry NielMed in the studio) to gently rinse the piercing no more than twice a day between showers. Be sure to follow up for 1 month checkups and see your piercer for shorter jewelry as your piercing heals. Absolutely do not apply peroxide, alcohol, Neosporin, bactine, ear cleaning solution from places like Claire’s, dial soap, or any other chemicals on your piercing. You absolutely should not be twisting or rotating the jewelry while the piercing is healing, and even once the piercing is healed avoid touching or handling it as much as possible. For Oral piercings (tongue, lip, etc) make sure to swish with cool bottled water any time you eat, drink, or smoke.

+Will swimming or working out impact my piercing?

Keep your piercing out of lakes, pools, oceans, bathtubs, hot tubs, and any other bodies of water while it is healing. Showering is okay! Normal workouts will generally be okay, but make sure to listen to your body. If something is causing pain to your piercing, that’s your body’s sign that something isn’t okay! Make sure to keep up with your hygiene and shower after sweating or working out, and change out of dirty clothes as soon as possible.

+I’m under 18, can I get pierced? What do I need to bring?

We do not offer genital, nipple, oral, industrial or surface piercings on anyone under 18. We only offer earlobe and single outer helix piercings on people aged 14 and 15. We only offer earlobe piercings on people younger than 14. If the person getting pierced is under 18, a parent or legal guardian must be present with valid ID as well as proof of guardianship. If a minor is present with valid government issued ID such as a passport, ID card, or driver’s license, the address and last name must match that of the parent to serve as proof of guardianship. If this criterion is not met, or a minor does not have a valid ID, a birth certificate can serve as guardianship (not a photocopy) with a school ID from the previous year. If the person giving consent is not a parent, then legal documentation such as divorce or custody decrees must be present that verify that this person is able to give consent for the minor.
Our policies pertaining to piercing minors are in place for the protection of the client, their parent, and our studio, as well as in compliance with our insurance and state law. There are no exceptions. It is illegal and unethical to pierce a minor who is not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Piercers or managers have the right to refuse service to anyone, at their discretion.

+ Do you offer earlobe piercings for young children?

We do! For those under age 14, an ID for the minor is not required, but a birth certificate and parent/guardian with valid ID are. For earlobe piercings on children ages 6-9, a consultation with a piercer is required first, and then you may schedule the appointment as soon as 24 hours later. Please be honest with your child that they may have to wait to get pierced. The consultation allows your child and the piercer to be acclimated with each other, and to allow either of you to ask any questions you may have. In some instances, a piercer may decline to pierce a child, or may extend the waiting period beyond 24 hours, and they will discuss this reasoning with you. For those aged 10 and over, the piercing can be done at the same time as the consult, but the piercer may decide to wait to do the piercing. This approach is based on years of working with young children and our policies are in place with the best interest of the child, parent, and piercer in mind.

+Do you offer ear piercing on infants?

We do not offer ear piercing for infants at this time.

+Are there any piercings you won’t do?

We will not do piercings that will not suit someone’s anatomy, are dangerous, or most likely will not heal long term. This includes but is not limited to: tongue web piercings, lip web (smiley) piercings, horizontal tongue (snake eyes, frog eyes, etc) piercings, surface anchors (dermals), horizontal lip piercings, or nasallang piercings.

+Do you offer piercing parties/will you pierce at my house?

Nope! This is illegal, and generally poor practice.