Piercing Galleries

Feel free to browse the pages of different piercings that we offer. We don’t always get the chance to take photos of everything we do, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please feel free to come by the shop to discuss your ideas with a piercer!


Ear piercings

Ears are so varied from person to person, which makes them so fun to pierce! Whether a single helix piercing is your jam, or you’d like to adorn every fold of your ear, the options are endless and there’s something for everyone.


not ear piercings

There are so many places for adding new piercings besides ears, from the always popular nose piercing or septum piercings, to eyebrow and lip piercings, to navels, surface piercings, nipples and more.


About our jewelry

We stock so many different pieces of jewelry from only the best makers and jewelers in the world. In this gallery, you’ll find more details and images from some of our favorite manufacturers and their jewelry.